Little Rooster Bread Company products are available at these area stores, farms, and markets:

         Bostwick Lake Real Food Buyers Club

    📌 D&W Breton


    📌 Forest Hills Foods

    📌 GristMill

    📌 Harvest Health Cascade

    📌 Harvest Health Hudsonville

    📌 Harvest Health on Eastern

    📌 Health Hutt

    📌 Horrocks Market

    📌 Kens Market-Plainfield

    📌 Kingma's Ada

    📌 Kingmas

    📌 Michigan by The Bottle - Auburn Hills

    📌 Michigan By The Bottle, Royal Oak

    📌 Michigan By The Bottle, Shelby Township

    📌 Natures Market

    📌 Rakowski Farms

         Real Food Eater Buyers Club

    📌 Sobie Meats

         Traverse Gourmet-

         West Rockford Real Food Buyers Club

    📌 Westborn Markets

Or enjoy our stuff at these great restaurants:

         Big Babies Barbecue

    📌 Big Os

    📌 Blue Moose

         Do Your Wurst Grill

    📌 Ganders

    📌 Noble Restaurant

    📌 Putt Putt

    📌 Rezervoir Lounge

    📌 Stellas Lounge

    📌 Terra GR

    📌 Zs Restaurant and Bar